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Mission and Vision of Tagum City...

"We, the peace-loving and friendly people of the
City of Tagum are committed to pursue sustainable
growth and development through agro-industrialization,
globally competitive and accessible services and opportunities
under good governance for a wholesome quality of life for all."

Millennium Celebration at Tagum City

"Tagum, a dynamic, developed city driven by a sustainable
resource-based agro-industrialization providing globally
competitive trade and service opportunities through a
responsive governance and empowered citizenry, enjoying
quality life in a peaceful and harmonious environment
under the guidance of the Divine Providence."


- Thrusts -

1. Poverty alleviation
2. Maintenance of peace and order and Public Safety
3. Enhance Revenue Generation / Fiscal Administration
4. Enhance Social Services
5. Agricultural Productivity and Modernization
6. Industrial Development / Investment Promotion
7. Infrastracture / Public Utility Development
8. Human Resource Development

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